Ship Repair & Maintenance

Wanis Marine Workshop

Wanis Marine Workshop W.M.W has been a provider of complete package of ship repairing, ship engineering, maintenance marine services as ( align & chock – DURASIN – KVM – shaft alignment – laser shaft alignment – line bore alignment – vibration measurement & analysis – propeller shaft – rudder – etc…) of the Egyptian navy fleet, Companies , shipping agencies and SHIPYARDS .

Wanis Marine Workshop W.M.W carries out its work in accordance with the requirements of approvals from (ABS – BV – GL – DNV GL- LR – RINA – IRS – CCS – CR – KR – NK… ETC.)

Wanis Marine Workshop W.M.W is currently establishing a quality management system that complies with the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015. Given the company’s great interest in the environment, it has established an environmental management system that complies with the environmental specification ISO 14001:2015, with the primary goal of protecting the environment from pollution. Since the safety and health of workers and the preservation of company property are issues of concern to the company, an occupational safety and health management system was established in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14500:2018 occupational safety and health standard.

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