Propeller Shaft

Propeller Shaft

EL WANIS MARINE Workshop (W.M.W) has experts specialized in the repairs and maintenance of Propulsion system & the Propeller shaft, including:
We carry out all ship overhauling ,in the dock or on hook, also we have a great experience in yachts overhauling

  • Measurement of clearances of propeller shaft bearings (cut less, -thordon, white metal ,… etc.).
  • Total works for propeller shaft coupling.
  • Take down and re-raise the shafts.
  • The damaged bushings of propeller shaft are de-installed and the new bushings are re-installed after performing the necessary turning.
  • Take out the damaged packing (rubber – water seal – Cedar valve- mirror – oil seal – … etc.) and re-install the new packing.

  • Removing internal and external simplex kits, changing the oil seals and re-installing.
  • Check the internal and external LINER condition and applying turnery when needed.
  • De-install and re-install the variable pitch propeller blades and the Voith Schneider propeller blades with the necessary repair and the static balance required for them.
  • Repairing and straightening all types of propellers after accidents by performing welding works according to the quality of the metal, while grinding , static and dynamic balancing on the balancing machine according to the propeller rotation speed (DYMAMIC BALANCING MACHINE).
  • Check the technical condition of the shock absorbers) as well as (Flexible Engine Mountings) located under the bases of the engines and change them when needed.

  • Repair, maintenance and tuning All kinds of journal bearing, thrust bearing, clearance measurements, inspection of the bearings and on the tilting pad, analyzing the causes of vibrations, high temperature, problems of serpentine condenser, and examination of all types of bearings .
  • Tuning and repair of transmission components (flexible couplings – fixed couplings – belts – flexible steel sheets … etc).
  • De-installing and lifting the engines, and performing the necessary procedures for the engine mounts when needed, and lowering the engines.
  • We have huge experience in performing ALIGNMENT of all engines using laser systems (EASY LASER – FIXTUR LASER) as well as the dial indicator and among the most important engines that we have tuned dozens of times
  • Supply, installation and pouring DURASIN chocking under Engine bases.

  • We have huge experience in designing and constructing propeller shafts lines with yachts and commercial vessels and ferries, known as wire-tightening works (BORE ALIGNMENT SYSTEMS). These works are carried out in the construction phase as well as after accidents or hulling of ships. This process is considered one of the most accurate mechanical operations and Engineering at all, as it needs high experience and ultimate accuracy, and it is worth noting that it has dire negative effects on the body, propeller bushings, couplings, and the main engine in case of errors during the adjustment process.
  • We are experts in the process of adjusting the angle of the blades of the variable Pitch propeller with the indicator in the machine room (OD box ) with the meter in the cab

Propeller Shaft Marine Repair & Maintenance


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