Align & Chock


ALIGN & CHOCK is the main activity of our company

  • Wanis Marine Workshop  W.M.W  is the only contact point in Egypt for the best chocking RESEN product, which is DURASIN chocking, We always have stock (CHOCK)
  • Wanis Marine Workshop W.M.W has the best Laser Shaft Alignment systems (ALIGN)
  • Wanis Marine Workshop W.M.W has over 30 years of experience in ALIGN & CHOCK .(STAFF)
  • Wanis Marine Workshop W.M.W should be your first choice because it gets you the job done in the least time, with the least tolerance and the least cost.
  • Wanis Marine Workshop W.M.W provides ALIGN & CHOCK services upon shipbuilding & In waiting area & dry dock & floating dock
  • Wanis Marine Workshop W.M.W offers Align & Chock 24 hours a day, seven days a week 


Wanis Marine Workshop has extensive experience in carrying out mechanical repair and maintenance work, especially work related to laser shaft alignment, preparing and casting CHOCKING RESIN materials, as well as all repair and maintenance work related to propeller shaft lines and ship propulsion systems. It has carried out hundreds of successful repair and maintenance operations on warships, civil, commercial and yachts.


Wanis Marine Workshop W.M.W carries out its work in accordance the requirements of Maker & Classification Society Approvals ABS-BV-GL-DNV GL-LR-RINA-IRS-CCS-CR-KR-NK… ETC.

ALIGN & CHOCK MARINE applications

ALIGN & CHOCK Works Marine Repair & Maintenance


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